Nzomiji is located on the west beach of Iheya, six kilometers to the northeast of Dana village. On the beach there is a large rock about six meters across and six meters high. Halfway up the rock there is a large and a pool of water about fifty centimeters deep, partly sheltered by the rock. This pool is called Nzomiji.

Long, long ago, a beautiful young woman lived in Dana. Her name was Majiru. She was very pale and beautiful and also very kind. Everybody in Iheya knew her name and also on Izena island nearby. A lot of young men wanted to marry her.

Majiru decided to marry Taru-hi who lived in the same village. They loved each other very much and were greatly envied by the villagers.

One summer day, her husband, Taru-hi went fishing in a small boat, Sabani. But suddenly there was a strong wind and he and his boat were swept away. Taru-hi never came back to Majiru. What an awful thing had happened to Taru-hi and Majiru! How sad Majiru was! She stood on the beach, shocked and unable to move. "This is not happening", she thought. "He is not dead. This must be a nightmare". But it wasn't a nightmare. She cried harder and harder and couldn't stop until finally she went out of her mind.

For a long time Majiru could do nothing but stand on the beach and wait for her husband. Her parents and friends were very worried about her. She was a very sorry sight. Two or three months passed and Taru-hi didn'T return. Young men around Majiru proposed marriage as she waited for her husband to come back. The richest, most influential man in the village also asked her to marry him. Majiru thought "If I refuse to marry him, I am afraid that he will treat me and my family badly, but if I marry him what will my dear husband think?" She thought about this for a long time.

Then she took some of her things and hid in Hizyabaru field which was a long away from Dana village, but the young men of the village came after her. She couldn't stay there so she hid near the Nzomiji which was very hard to get to. Near Nzomiji there is Nishi Kumaya (West Cave).
Majiru lived there weaving on her handloom. The water in Nzomiji never dried up and she drank it and ate fish and other seafood. She waited for her husband and prayed for his return.

A few years later Majiru was still waiting on the beach for her husband, when one day a small boat appeared on the horizon, coming towards the beach. She looked in the boat and saw a man. Taru-hi! She said,"Are you really Taru-hi?", and pinched herself. "Oh, I am not dreaming" she cried when she did not wake up. The man said "Of course I am Taru-hi, I cannot believe you waited for me for so long". They hugged each other and prayed to God thanking him for reuniting them. They were so happy they could not believe it was real. Majiru and her husband Taru-hi went back to their village and lived happily ever after. The villagers began to sing a Ryukyuan poem admiring Majiru's loyalty.

In Nzomiji by Dana village

A young woman who lost her husband,

by the water hid herself.

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