Ikuko Nichols----------------Tom Corrao---------------Tom Pressley

Minkan Taishi is Japanese for Goodwill Ambassador. The Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai currently has three active Minkan Taishi working to spread Okinawan goodwill within the Chicagoland area. Ikuko Nichols, Tom Pressley, and Tom Corrao are those representatives. Ikuko Nichols interacts with the local community and is the driving force to our community involvment. She is the person who is attempting to bring the Shishi-mai to the Chicago area for the first time. Tom Pressley is an aficionado of Okinawan music and assists our performance group with many aspects of putting on the show. He is also an expert in Okinawan Sanshin. Tom Corrao provides assistance by maintaining our web site, acting as editor for our quarterly newsletter, and serving as a kenjinkai officer in the position of public relations officer.